March 11, 2010

Inspired Shopping

Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I gotta say that I did not feel like going. I have had a sinus headache now for days and a cough that will not quit, but there's a lot of mouths that need feeding around here. Baby Girl was an excited shopping companion. She hasn't been out much lately. I feel bad about that. As I went up and down the isles I did what I normally do, I glanced around waiting for dinner ideas to come to me. I really should learn to plan ahead and take a detailed list but that hardly ever happens. I just go up and down each isle and wait for the inspiration to hit. Suddenly I spied the Gatorade. I don't usually splurge on this, but I guess I figured that since lacrosse season will soon be upon us that the kids would probably like some at some point.

Then another choice came up. We needed dishwashing detergent. I have discovered that buying the cascade action pacs are the way to go when you have 10 year old boys loading the dishwasher. Much less mess and no more wasted unused detergent in the bottom of the containers. I know-I am spoiled. I not only have a dishwasher, (hi Chris!) but I splurge on action pacs! This time I found some with the added feature of bleach in the mix. Maybe that would get the stains out of the insides of my white mugs I thought. Then the last thing I got before leaving was some chocolate brownie bites. Those brownie bites are like my kryptonite. I have no will power when it comes to those babies. And since they are only bite sized you feel like having 6 or so is not an indulgence. It's just 6 bites! I admit I hide them from the kids and they are the only reason I keep going back to our severely understaffed Safeway.

I had not even finished unloading all the groceries when the middle school called. Middle Boy had puked in the hallway at school. Luckily it was not in-between classes when the halls were full of middle schoolers. He has continued this nasty business for the past 12 hours and has thrown up about 10 times. Poor kid. I am so glad he can empty his bowls by himself. I did it for the first 5 episodes, and then he offered to take over. I really really don't want to catch this bug. Not when I have been sick for going on 7-8 weeks now.

As I finished putting away the groceries I realized what a fortunate choice that Gatorade was. As I loaded his disease infested dishes, the glasses he had drunk from and bowls he's eaten jello out of, I thought how great it was that my action pacs now had disinfecting bleach. Yeah! I am grateful that I listened to those promptings. It truly was inspired shopping at Safeway today.

And when I had put all the kids down for the evening after a hard day without T at home (he's out of town this week) it sure was inspiring to have those brownie bites all to myself.


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You need to go grocery shopping for MY house now . . .