March 03, 2010

True Story

This morning I heard the sound of our garbage man pulling up curbside to our home at 7:45 (an hour early btw), and to his disappointment (and mine) T forgot to put the trash out. For the second time in two weeks time. I rushed out there in my PJs with our can dragging behind me mumbling complaints about how garbage is totally a man's responsibility. Alas- I was too late, and now the kids were also late for school. Okay, we were running late anyways but this incident did not help.

About 2 hours into our day, I overheard Baby Girl in the bathroom making grunting noises. She hadn't asked me to put her on the toilet like she normally would do. I called to her "Are you going poop?" She hesitated and answered and honest "yes..." I replied with "What a big girl you are! You didn't even need Mommy to pull down your pants and lift you up on the toilet this time. Yeah! See I told you you could do that all by yourself." Then some awkward silence on her part. I almost didn't go in there, but decided to check it out since she'd need help cleaning up as usual. She had been pooping- only not in the usual place. She was still fully clothed. Whoops. Number two whoops of the day.

Actually, if you count the fact that while I was out last night the dishwasher was not started and we had no clean bowls for breakfast then that would make it whoops number three- but who's counting... Oh yeah, me. I was counting. Counting, and pouting.

So to get even with the world I decided not to fold any of T's laundry today. I've decided if garbage and poopy underwear are my job, then he can fold his own socks...

PS For lunch we had Doritos and ice cream.

PPS For dinner, popcorn. True.


Tracy P. said...


Emily said...

Hey, it's also your job to take care of lunch and dinner. Way to come through with two crowd-pleasing menus!

noyb said...

it must be in the air or something. i got nothing done today. pizza and cake for dinner.
its definitely a story you will laugh about later. maybe MUCH later, but you will laugh.

Chris and Jodi said...

When Jodi has those kind of days, I just remind her that she is damn lucky that she gets to stay home to clean up the poop, take out the trash or start the dishwasher. Oh wait, we don't have a dishwasher. Gee, your life isn't so bad after all. We just aren't big fans of daycare.

I guess T could always put his laundry in his briefcase and fold it on his lunch break while he is at work.

On top of all of that, I always thought it was a teenagers job to take out the trash.

I've got to be honest, your post today really touched a nerve with me.

Hopefully your day is better tomorrow.

I get teased by friends for reading blogs. I'm told it is girly. However, you need to know I think you are a very clever writer.


Becky said...
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Carrie Stuart said...

Ugh! What a day! Sounds like something I'd do...make him fold his own socks. Hope it gets better. =^)

CSIowa said...

I know you weren't leaving the socks for T out of spite. You just ran out of time for laundry, what with the trash and poop and all. I'm sure he'll understand how it is, what with him getting to leave his job every day (sooner or later) and your work day never ending.

Kelly said...

So for breakfast this morning we had oatmeal, fresh fruit (3 kinds!) with yogurt, wheat toast, and a blended juice of some kind. Yes, I think we are off to a good start!

I may even fold those socks with any luck! And the dishwasher is humming away as I type this at 9:16 am.

Chris, I am so glad you read my blog and find it interesting. Now please go and buy your wife a dishwasher : )


Anonymous said...

Hey there guys, fun to see your blog! I'm just now learning what bloggig is all about and loving it. It was good to see you at Thanksgiving.

Mom2my10 @ 11th Heaven said...

You made me laugh again! I love your blog!

Kelly said...

Hey thanks,
Obviously not everyone loved this one : )