March 26, 2010

What I See

When I take my morning shower each day I have a strange habit of looking for recognizable shapes in the tile. We have a textured tile with random cracks. Random, yes. At least so I thought. So far I have found the following things staring back at me as I shower: I see a peasant woman's profile with a protruding chin (she's quite overweight and I think Russian), I see the Grinch looking puckered (he is in the shower all the time you know). I see several aliens with their evil slanted eyes. There is a pouty man, looking ...pouty. I see Medusa with a very muscular upper body. Or maybe it's a man with long wild hair sticking out in all directions. Hair like Sean White when he's airborne without a helmet. Winnie the pooh in a dunce cap sits just opposite the toilet. You can poo while staring at pooh. I couldn't resist saying that. I know there are more- I see like two new ones a day. Maybe it's all the pseudafed I've been taking lately.

The other day I saw something that took me by surprise. Two Medusas (Medusae?). Spaced three tiles apart. Twins. But one Medusa is missing her muscular upper body. I can't explain why. Maybe that tile worker took his break early that day. Maybe he was going for a different look. Maybe he got fired for not sticking to the protocol. I can imagine all kinds of scenarios. I just want him to know that the gig is up. His little trick did not go unnoticed.

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Fresh Mommy said...

LOL too funny!