March 09, 2010

It's Garbage Day

When Big Boy was a little boy we had a matching game on our Macintosh that made noises when you made a match. The noises it made corresponded to the cartoon images on the cards you had just clicked. One of them was a mysterious young gothic looking character who's sound effect was a surly female monotone voice that said "It's garbage day." That girl's voice haunts me to this day. I don't know why I tell this story except that it is indeed garbage day. T is out of town on business and so it is up to me and me alone to make sure the kids take out the trash.

Baby Girl said something funny to me this morning. She asked me if, some day when she grows up and becomes a mom if I would share my clothes with her. I told her that would be okay with me. Then a few hours later she asked if I would share my black boots with her. Those are a fan favorite, but I assured her I could probably share those too. I better pick some outfits with timeless quality that won't go out of style. I was feeling pretty good about this deal until Big Girl pointed out that she might be skinnier than I am. Yeah, thanks.

Big Boy is growing like a weed and is always (always!) hungry. My problem is that I can't stock enough cheese sticks to keep the kid happy. Cereal is always low as well. Too bad he doesn't go for the fruits and vegetables as much as I would like.

Middle Boy has started taking piano lessons. I found a great teacher for him and tomorrow marks lesson number three for him. I hope all these music lessons won't put us in the poor house though. Big Girl may have to wait until someone leaves the house before she can start lessons. I am having fun playing along with him and remembering some of my old tunes as well. Tonight I remembered a tune called 'spinning song.' I can't remember the middle but that beginning is ingrained in my brain, most likely it's in the wrong key though.

Little Boy is so dang cute. He is still sweet and untarnished by the moody teen aged years and I find myself enjoying him a lot since I know it won't last. He did a stellar job in a violin concert this week. He really rocked that Can Can number. Big Boy was also most impressive with his Fiddling the Fiddle piece. They played these numbers as part of a large group. All of the kids were students of Catherine Stewart (our teacher) It was an entire weekend affair with a 'master class' being taught by a visiting instructor.

I wish I could post a video of the concert here but there are some issues with the guest violinist being a famous guy (named Brian Lewis) who has an agent and is under contract not to appear on video unless certain fees are paid first. We don't want his dancing violin act with my kids ending up on YouTube for a profit. I was not familiar with Mr Lewis before but he played a tune for us at the end of the concert called Hot Canary that really brought down the house. We bought his CD and had them personalized. Apparently he is just one degree of separation from the real Mr Suzuki. His mother was a student of Mr Suzuki. No wonder he was so awesome. Too bad T had to miss the concert.

I miss T. It's always the highlight of my day when that man walks through the door. This time without him reminds me of the way things were when he was deployed and they are not the best memories. However I think I can hang tough for a few more days. At least he will be available for the next garbage day : )


Carrie Stuart said...

I'm right there with ya! Cliff is gone to Korea for a month...and the first week I was doing great...this week has been rougher and I've been falling back into some of my old deployment habits (taking the laptop to bed, not getting enough sleep, not eating healthy). It doesn't help that it's been pouring down rain all day. They just belong at home, I tell you!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh Carrie, what you say is so true. It is just what I have been doing while he is away. Watching TV late, not sleeping, eating girl scout cookies. Why did they have to be delivered this week? Why!

I am still battling sinus problems too and can't get enough rest. Poor Kelly : )

What part of Korea is he in? I still have dear friends in Seoul.